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ZODIAQ (ZOD) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Zodiaq currently has its house bank, having a license for account opening and providing any operations (account management, performing transactions) both in crypto and in fiat currencies, as well as its own cryptocurrency exchange. Zodiaq is planning to realize own flexible platform on basis of open API and to debug the solution in the context of compatibility with its house bank. Purpose of this process – to provide a ready-made solution to other banking sector players, the implementation of which will require minimal resources, allows fin-tech companies to become an independent link in the daily transactions of Zodiaq’s customers to create their own infrastructure solutions without the need for development from scratch. The use of blockchain technology at the heart of the system will increase credibility to service. This technology functions without the centralized management, therefore, is not subjected to influence on cost and terms of transactions.

Zodiaq strategic aim is a formation of new financial infrastructure, which will replace classical banks as a managing service for implementation of transactions between contra parties. Due to the widely developed infrastructure of relationships with a large number of financial services and the formation of its own foreign exchange reserves, post-trade processing consumer services will be launched within core business units of Zodiaq system. This mechanism will allow instant cashless transfers in the local currency ZOD for counter obligations between users and companies for sold and delivered goods, financial instruments and services performed, based on clearings within the ecosystem contour.

Organizational Structure

The outline of ZODIAQ project comprises a bank, a stock exchange and a hedge fund. Every of them is a separate legal entity, registered and licensed according to the legislation valid at its location. Zodiaq Company Limited (Company Number: 11224510) registered in the UK, is the main shareholder (signatory power) of these companies. This management structure is linear, where the head of every direction is subordinate to the main joint-stock company Zodiaq Company Limited.

Products Of The System

An ecosystem of a classic bank is the first stage of implementation of our project. In this version, all operational accounting will be implemented in a typical centralized banking information system (BIS). At the moment, the personal account of any bank user enables logging and performing the following typical actions:

  • creating accounts in fiat-currencies: USD and EUR
  • creating wallets: BTC and ETH
  • transfers in fiat-currency between users (P2P)
  • transfer in crypto-currencies between users (P2P)
  • crypto-fiat exchange p2p between users
  • purchase and sale of crypto-currency for the user
  • crediting and debiting fiat-currencies
  • crediting and debiting crypto

Payment Blockchain Platform

The blockchain-platform serves to deploy the platform at home, rather than develop an API-service from the very beginning.

Services provided by our blockchain-platform:

  • providing card balances;
  • ensuring payments;
  • ensuring security of payments.

This will be the first stable-working solution, which will allow banks accepting crypto-currencies in their regular turnover


ZODIAQ strives to create a flexible platform based on an open API that allows taking advantage of blockchain technology, creating an ecosystem of interrelations between banks, sellers of the goods and services, consumers, fintech companies, and regulators, becoming a key link in daily transactions. Using our platform, users will be able to conduct transactions almost instantly and configure their own end applications and services without creating an infrastructure, establishing integration with legislation, formalizing interaction with payment services in every new country and every new bank from the very beginning.

Since the platform has already had technological and legal integration, it can connect a new player cheaper and faster. ZODIAQ stipulates improving security requirements that introduce strong customer authentication (SCA) with online access to the account, transfer of an electronic transfer order, and ensures specific security requirements for the channels used to transmit data of the user. ZODIAQ platform, through an open API interface, ensures data exchange with external information systems and provides them with various ready-made services.


ZODIAQ system will offer a wide range of banking services and exchange transactions for its customers. Both private and corporate clients could pass a simple registration procedure on the platform site, followed by the assignment of a unique, personal identification number of the client and access provided to the interface of the personal account with a wide range of functions. Having registered one’s personal account, the system will by default open accounts in the main financial currencies and crypto-currencies. The functional of the personal account will allow you adding another crypto wallet available in the system and open accounts in other fiat-currencies


Token is designed without any signs of securities and is involved in the system of rewarding user activity. Token is provided with project services and facilities, acts as universal acts as a universal tool of settlement for conducting operations on Zodiaq platform.

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  • Nikolay Kiryann
    Nikolay Kiryann
    Nikolay Kiryann

    Financial and fintech solutions and consulting; asset management. Experience in the field of stock and currency market.
  • Oliver Kempkens
    Oliver Kempkens
    Oliver Kempkens

    Financial and fintech solutions and consulting. Experience in the field of stock and currency market
  • Alexander Gorbov
    Alexander Gorbov
    Alexander Gorbov
    CVO, Co-Founder

    Executive director, specialist in economics and finance.
  • Eric Shekhmametev
    Eric Shekhmametev
    Eric Shekhmametev
    COO, Co-Founder
    Chief Operating Officer, responsible for legal support and interaction with public authorities
  • Vyacheslav Grachev
    Vyacheslav Grachev
    Vyacheslav Grachev
    Technical Director, is responsible for the development and development of new products
  • Dmitry Khan
    Dmitry Khan
    Dmitry Khan
    Head of development
  • Kirill Razgulyaev
    Kirill Razgulyaev
    Kirill Razgulyaev
    Deputy head of development
  • Andrey Kuznetcov
    Andrey Kuznetcov
    Andrey Kuznetcov
    Head of Smart-Card Depatment
  • Valeriy Petrov
    Valeriy Petrov
    Valeriy Petrov
    Banking Advisor
    Independent member of Supervisory Council, member of the Strategy and Corporate Governance Committee, member of the Audit Committee, member of the Remuneration and HR Committee. Member of the VTB Bank Supervisory Council since 25 June 2015.
  • Ilya Churakov
    Ilya Churakov
    Ilya Churakov
    Marketing Strategy Advisor
  • Victor Goncharuk
    Victor Goncharuk
    Victor Goncharuk
    Strategy Advisor
    Vice President of Acceleration (RACIB), UN expert


  • 1
    Acquisition of the trust fund (financial institution) Nordic Heritage Trust
    February 2017

    Receiving SWIFT, FATCA, AML for trust fund
    April 2017

    Opening of accounts with Wells Fargo Bank
    May 2017

  • 2
    Beginning of the exchange platform development
    February 2017

  • 3
    Beginning of the banking platform development
    July 2017

    Beginning of paperwork on the bank
    September 2017

    Obtaining a Bank License
    December 2017

  • 4
    Beginning of development of a passive element of hedge fund management (buy/hold), interface development, collection of big data of price data and fundamental indicators
    August 2017

    Test run trading algorithm
    December 2017 - January 2018

  • 5
    Obtaining FATCA / GIIN for a bank
    January 2018

    Receiving SWIFT for a bank
    February 2018

    Start testing the banking platform MVP
    February 2018

    Opening of e-commerce accounts in digital currencies
    April 2018

    Opening of accounts in fiat currencies
    May 2018

    P2P transfers
    May 2018

    P2P exchange with escrow
    May 2018

    Visa / MasterCard Cards
    October 2018

    Loans secured by crypto currency
    December 2018

    Mobile banking application
    December 2018
  • 6
    Obtaining a license for a hedge fund
    October 2018

    Getting started with a hedge fund
    October 2018

  • 7
    Test launch of the exchange
    January 2018

    Transfer of the exchange to work servers
    September 2018

  • 8

    Multi E-commerce currency accounts
    February-March 2018

  • 9
    NFC payments and POS terminal
    Q1 2019

  • 10
    Own processing service
    Q2 2019

    Crypto-currency Acquiring
    Q2 2019

    Open API
    Q4 2019
  • 11
    Margin trading
    Q4 2019

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